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(NEW!) Ash Plume 2004/01/13 AVI file

(NEW!) Ash Plume 2004/01/13 AVI file. View from Klyuchi city

BEZYMIANNY VOLCANO on Kamchatka. 5558' N, 16036' E. Elevation 2,869 m asl.
View from Kozyrevsk village, the distance is 45 km west from the volcano.
Hardware financial assistance - Institute of Volcanic Geology and Geochemistry, Far East Division, Russian Academy of Sciences.

These digital images are part of an active experimental volcano monitoring project sponsored by IVGG and EMSD with financial assistance from USAID/OFDA. These images are provided to our scientific colleagues as a professional courtesy. Please do not use these images for publication without the permission of Boris Ivanov, Director, IVGG, and Evgenii Gordeev, Director, EMSD.

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