Date - year/month/day.
T0   - origin time (UTC), hour : minute : second.
Lat  - geographic latitude in decimal degrees(north).
Lon  - geographic longitude in decimal degrees(east).
H    - depth in kilometers.
Ks   - class from the amplitude of S-wave, defined by Fedotov S.A.
Ml   - magnitude using the formula Ml=Ks*0.5-0.75 .
Size of the earthquake circle corresponds to Ks ( number of pixels is equal integer(Ks)).
Bottoms ">>"and "<<" change automatically selected earthquakes according to interval of time.
Line "A-B" on a map (left figure) is a line of the vertical section (right figure).
To draw a volcano location on a map set flag "Volcanoes" and click on the requested volcano in List.
To draw a seismic station location on a map set flag "Station" and click on the requested station  in List.

Control Key Date:

Key <cursor left>    - left
Key <cursor right>   - right
Key <Home>           - start date
Key <End>            - end   date
To draw a graph of seismic activity for any region (or volcano) from time (according to interval of time) you should set a cursor in the center of the requested region and holding a right mouse bottom check a radius. After that you should click on bottom "Draw graph !". Red pieces are earthquakes with Ks (left scale) from time. Green line is summary earthquake number (EQ.num.) from time.

Kamchatkan Experimental Methodical Seismological Department Geophysical Service Russian Academy of Sciences,
Laboratory of Radio Telemetric Seismological Station,
Earthquake Processing-Research Laboratory of Seismic and Volcanic Activity,